Josep Bernaus is an animator from Barcelona

Specialized in 2d animation, Characters, Fluids, 2DFx.
And loves to come up with funny sketches.
In this website you will find variety of works, personal projects

He is been in the industry for about 16 years. He worked in studios as:
Studio AKA, Blinkink, Shotopop, OddFellows, NiceShit,
The Line, Animade, Nexus Studios, Cookie Studio, Moth,
BirdBox Studio,  Bluezoo, Territory, Seed Animation,
Agile Films, 
Mummu, Beast Collective, Studio MM. 
Worked 5 years at Kotoc.

Also is an online teacher at Domestika with 2 courses:

> Introducción a Adobe Animate 
> Animación desde 0 con Adobe Animate
He also performs as Improv Comedian and Standup