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Next a couple of collaborations  with the talented animation duo Remus & Kikki , the drunk guy and the God one, for the Seven Seconds Sins project organized by Art&Graft

Also I had the pleasure to collaborate with TheLine, with his short Ciclope.

And a couple of skaters showing off I made for Character Lab project with SugarBlood.

All the rest are personal projects and animation tests.

I love animating fluids.
First of all one of my favourite personal projects, 704 frames of fun and selfexpression. Featured at CartoonBrew and IceCreamHater.

Next to it some transitions I made for DisneyXD at and some logo animations  all created at CookieStudio

More fluids  and transitions  for the Character LAB project.

Lastly I had the pleasure to collaborate at the Animography project.

I had the pleasure to work as animator at the Tv Series HEY DUGGEE produced at Studio Aka, that  won BAFTA & International. EMMY awards for the best animation pre-school series  2016 .

Next to this a personal project called Another Slice, short sketches of silly situations

Some animations I made for Sparefoot, storage company based on the US.

And some animations I created for Casumo.

This belongs to the series "MAKE IT SHORT", a compilation of sketches that relate different movies/series such as Indiana Jones, Jaws, Star Wars or Game of Thrones.